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Secrets of BETTER RIDING As we ride, we often get into habits. Once that happens, we may continue to ride for many years without analyzing our riding. It's likely we can improve our riding if we simply step aside for a moment and analyze the process. I will post as I find

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Old 04-28-2004, 09:04 PM
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Bike Cornering Skills

Want to learn a safe way to practice your cornering?

Purchase 6-10 tennis balls and cut them in half with a sharp utility knife.

Find an empty flat parking lot.

Use a rope of 40-50 feet in length and tie one end on to your bike somewhere. Take the other end of the rope and make a half circle while placing the half tennis balls in a circle spaced equally apart.

Move the bike some distance perpendicular from the half circle just made, 100 feet would work for starting out. Then take the rope again and make another half circle placing the tennis balls again in equal spacing.

Now ride your bike in a figure 8 pattern while practicing leaning into the curves. The goal is to stay as close to the tennis balls through the whole turn while not hitting them and while not going to fast to swing away from them.

As you become more confident at that distance, do the same set-up procedure but reduce the radius of the circles and move them closer together. This is great, safe practice of cornering skills.


Sparky Bill, please post this under the "Secrets of BETTER RIDING," as I could not post there.
I just like to ride!
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