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Tumbler 07-30-2018 10:05 AM

Red Knights Motorcycle Club
I am trying to revive the first chapter in MN of this group. I need 6 other people. Please spread the word. Post up if you can help....the deadline to save the Chapter is fast approaching (mid-August)!!!!

All that is needed is a fire service affiliation, a motorcycle, & license w/motorcycle endorsement. But even some of that might be able to be worked with if you don't have it at this moment.

An excerpt from the international page:

"We are an organization of over 400 Chapters and 10,000 people, the largest and oldest Firefighter based MC in the world. We are the ONLY organization that I am aware of, of our size that has a perpetual memorial in place as we do. Our members are spread across 4 continents and speak over 7 languages."

I hope there's at least six other people I know or know someone who would like to join me in this great organization.

Tumbler 08-31-2018 01:40 AM

So the Chapter was revived but we are recruiting for new members.

We have 18 months to get up to 7 total and are at 5.

If anyone is interested let me know!!

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