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Johnny Ritz 07-08-2017 11:37 PM

I set out for good ride today with the Kickapoo river run in mind.
After 200 miles, I still started thinking about where to eat.
Zipped around some more and pulled into Houston (MN) with about 400 miles on and some smoked German food on my mind from "Through the Gapevine" where the German owner - Rosie would surely be there with a nice greeting and her awesome food.
To my dismay - there was a sign on the door that read: "Rosie Retired" with a list of local places that will still sell her jelly's, sauces and mixes.
DAMNIT - I really wanted a smoked pork chop and fried potatoes! (just like grandma used to make)

I walked next door the American Legion to see if they had food. The nice bartender gave me a menu and mentioned it was mainly fried appetizers. (They do have dinner specials on certain nights)
I mentioned my plight - I was really hankering for some of Rosie's food. We got to chatting and she mentioned Rosie retired about a month ago and is spending some time with her daughter in Florida.
By now, some folks at bar are getting into the conversation. They were surprised a "young guy" (me) from the cities would know about Rosie. I mentioned some of us having been stopping by for years when in the area to visit Rosie and her great food.
The folks mentioned a couple different spots, but those were the "bar food" type.
I asked if there were any other "cool or different" places nearby that had good food. A couple places were tossed out and then a long bearded fella states: hey, do you like Italian food? There is a newer place in Rushford that is pretty good. The other folks agreed.
They gave me some good directions (downtown Rushford, on the corner, south of the bank.
Off I go!

Luigi's in Rushford is great! And very reasonable - Most everything is under $10. And it is damn good - very authentic Italian. I ordered the Seafood Linguine with red sauce and mentioned "it should be spicy correct?" The server laughed and said - "well, if you know Italian, normally it is, but we had to tame it down for this area; but if you want it a little spicy, we will do that for you".
And it was Great!

Very very sad to see Rosie and her great food go into retirement, but Luigi's in Rushford could very well be a good replacement.

All in, a great late lunch, and 550 miles made it a great day.

Sparky_Bill 07-09-2017 10:23 PM

Thanks for the info John. Rosie will be missed. She was one of a kind.

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