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Tech Tips & Questions What works and don't work with the mechanical workings of your cycles.

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Old 08-14-2017, 06:08 AM
Schamby Schamby is offline
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E4 or not to E4 that is the question

I am in need of a new front tire on the Cross. I heard the the E4's follow the rain groves and wanders. The question would be would you buy another E4 or go back to the E3 in the front.
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Old 08-14-2017, 01:15 PM
Thumper Thumper is offline
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I've got a half-used E4 front you could borrow and find out if you like it.

I like the Commander IIs a little bit better as a set. But the E4s don't bother me at all. I do catch a little feel of the rain grooves, etc... but it holds the road fine for me.
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Old 08-15-2017, 07:18 AM
JoeGopher JoeGopher is offline
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I put the E4s on Big Red and I would recommend them. They do track the grooves a little bit but not enough to make it feel off.

Rode through a fair amount of rain and they felt solid while still maintaining good handling in dry conditions.

Can't make an objective statement comparing them to the E3s since all new tires respond better, but if they last longer than the E3, then I am all for them.
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Old 04-16-2019, 11:34 PM
Johnny Ritz Johnny Ritz is offline
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Location: Mendota Heights, MN
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E4 review on my Vision with ABS:
-I have 13.5 miles on the rear, (see pics) and about 3k on the front.
-Both tires have not seen very high southern heat, with their aggressive road composition. I have only ridden these tires in the northern US states.
-But, I do ride "swiftly" and like to use the HP/TQ often.
-I also do ride in colder weather when road composition in northern states can be more aggressive due to cold temps and debris on roads.
-Riding has mostly been 1-up, but...I ride the Vision somewhat heavy. Bike has a steel skid plate (add 15 lbs for that); a pretty decent tool kit, always carry a little soft sided cooler that holds 6 16oz bottles of liquids and of course extra gear.

-Compared to e3 The e4 seems to grip better. They don't step out as much when encountering a little loose gravel and such.
--> Winner = e4

-Compared to Bridgestone G704/709 - The 'Stone's have a lower profile and it adds stiffness for grip. They also lower the bike a little bit which lowers the center of gravity. Slight edge to the 'Stones.
--> Winner = Bridgestones - but not by an exuberant amount.

Rain Grip:
-Compared to e3 The e4 seems to grip better. I felt more connected to the road, more like dry pavement.
--> Winner = e4

-Compared to Bridgestone G704/709 - very slight edge to e4, but not much.
--> Winner = toss up

-Compared to e3: The e4 didn't seem to last quite as long, by about 1.5k. I typically got over well over 14K, and at one interval, over 16k on the e3. Also intriguing is when the e3 was at the end of it use, the entire 360 degrees of the tire was wore almost symmetrically. As can be seen in the pics, the e4 has cords displayed on 90' of the tire, whereas 180' (opposite side) of the tire - there are still rain groves visible near the middle. (albeit worn)
--> Winner = e3

-Compared to Bridgestone G704/709 -I only got 8.5K on the rear.
--> Winner = e4 Easily. Very very Easily.

-Compared to e3: The e3 would howl when cornering after the tire had worn 50%. It was an annoying howl that distracted me into a hard lean. I would ask myself - what the hell is that noise? Oh's the e3 tires because they now >50% ware.
--> Winner = e4 Easily, very easily.

-Compared to Bridgestone G704/709 -slight tire noise when getting worn past 70%, but not distracting.
--> Winner = e4

Summation and Recap:
-For a track day: Bridgestone (likely and specifically due to the lower profile and softer compound)

-For pure longevity:
Rear = e3
Front = need more miles on e4 to determine. I got 24K on the Bridgestone, but less on the e3.

--> My next rear will tire will be an e4. The e4 gives impressive performance and longevity, with little sacrifice.
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