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Originally Posted by KillerX View Post
I think this comes from the practice in some states of motorcycle only checkpoints.
Hm. Would weigh stations then be considered profiling against big rigs? LOL That's a smart ass joke, but I wonder if that could someday be considered true. And I also wonder if those states have a legitimate reason for motorcycle only checkpoints.

Profiling can be used as either harassment or a tool for law enforcement in my tiny perception of it. I'm all for the bill if it helps those that attempt to keep us all safe and enforce the laws learn the different between harassment profiling and profiling as a tool for their job. I'm just not sure I'm clear on how that bill will help. That political mumbo jumbo is often over my head. Is it a hot button topic for them to secure a segment of votes or a legitimate effort to help law enforcement know to not profile to the point of harassment?

Perhaps someone with a better political mind then mine explain that better. (or maybe I should just email that to my rep.)

And I seem to only get profiled when I'm speeding or roll through a stop sign. oh wait.... nm.
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