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Originally Posted by Johnny Ritz View Post
First, you know I would support a bill like this.

But have a question, Aren't there already anti-profiling laws that should cover this, only if they were enforced?

Am not trying to start a ravishing debate here - looking for more info.
We pass new bills everyday, many turn into law. The law books continue to grow, but it seems enforcement of laws already passed into law; don't get enforced? Why?
That's a great question John!

I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I haven't experienced any profiling on my bike. In fact, most cops are pretty cool to bikers and I have even been given a pass once or twice when I was getting a little, ahem, aggressive with the throttle.

I will send a note to my rep though. Although I have a feeling he is pretty tired of hearing from me and may have me blocked...
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