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He either needs to do it himself, or take it to a shop that does. most shops will just use the alignment guides on the side of the swingarm and then call it good if the belt deflection is right.

This is the process I have used countless times and don't have any issues. Get the tension right using the deflection tool and then use the marks as a guide (use the same mark on each side as a starting point). Lock the rear wheel down, but it doesn't have to be at TQ spec at this point. Turn the wheel forward and make sure the belt tracks; make adjustments to the set-screws at the end of the swingarm as necessary; rinse and repeat until the belt tracks the same all the way around. It can be close to the outer or inner edge of the pulley, but shouldn't touch. And don't worry about the tracking in reverse, it's only the forward direction that matters. If this doesn't cure the squeal, there have been cases where either of the pulley's, or the belt have issues. This is very rare, however.
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