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TheBucket 04-25-2018 05:55 AM

New Seat for '12 XCT
Considering an Ultimate seat for my XCT. I want to do a custom design, which, of course, is non-returnable. So I'd really like to try this thing before I plunk down ~$1000 that I'll be stuck with no matter how I like it.
Looking for someone with a Cross bike with an Ultimate seat. Or for that matter, maybe there is something else out there that you'd let me put my ass on for a moment...Mustang, Corbin, Russell.
Who's had experience with any of these? Looking for advice and ideally, a moment in the saddle

Cobrareborn 04-25-2018 04:07 PM

I have an ultimate seat on my cross and love it. I'm up in Zimmerman if you want to ride up and test it out sometime but I don't think you will regret it.

TheBucket 04-26-2018 05:14 AM

Thanks Cobra. I think Ill just order one and use on their 14 day trial period prior to doing a custom design.

Thumper 05-29-2018 09:11 AM

Probably too late, but I ride a Corbin on my bike. You could try it, but really: Corbin's break in to your contours over about 8 hours of use. So, sitting on someone else's Corbin will give you an idea of riding position, but not comfort of the contours.

Also, my Corbin's got about 60k miles on it and it's probably time for a rebuild.

TheBucket 07-08-2018 12:43 PM

Just a update...

I tried the Ultimate seat...had them send one for me to use for 14 days.

Lucky I did that prior to ordering a custom seat...although they say no, I absolutely felt that the Ultimate set me back by at least an inch...maybe a little more.

Too much stretch in both my arms and feet. Not good.

I'm back to Square 1.

Seat felt fine...but the reach was a No Go

JoeGopher 07-09-2018 06:59 AM

I have a Russell on my XC, it is custom made for my height and weight so it wouldn't be an accurate representation of what your seat would be like.

I have Russell's on 2 bikes and can't say enough about the riding comfort. Some will say the looks detracts from the overall appeal of the seat, but it doesn't bother me in the least. The only downside is it's best to have the seat made for you in the winter since it takes them about 6 weeks to turn it around.

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